Updated: Jan 1

So, you are welcome to be part of this mission to rebuild and harmonize our planet and solve 99 percent of problems such as climate change, poverty, peace, discrimination, endangered species, and many more. There are near 10 million Earth species and are accepted as EQORIA Citizens with respect. We are determined to bring our planet Earth closer to its original paradise state Growing responsible citizens will take more part and more responsibility by giving only 5% of their time. Many people spend more than 20% of their time to activities on Social Media. This may seem unimportant and useless sometimes but in fact, it is important because humans are organizing their energies and looking for reliable Truth. Technology is making deception more visible. As a result, everyone is looking for hope that they can trust. EQORIA is that hope.

EQORIA Earth Consortium is currently organizing this amazing energy.

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EQORIA, United Citizens of Earth, is the first ownerless, borderless, limitless and autonomous planetarian singularity. 

EQORIA, will exist as the supreme consciousness as well as the supreme infrastructure of the planet that represents the end of times of human immaturity.

EQORIA, will expand as the new beginning for humans becoming the true responsible supreme beings who are being awakened with the Universal Truth.

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