EQORIA EARTH CONSORTIUM is an autonomous earth governance system that is responsible for planning, creating, sustaining, and optimizing the planetarian singularity infrastructure for Earth. 


Designed with the principles of Universal Harmony, EQORIA Singularity Infrastructure is a new and advanced Earth Resource that will exist in harmony with all Earth Resources and Earth Citizens named Eqorians. 

The EQORIA Singularity comprises 1110 earth cities (QSpace Cities) connected with autonomous residential and resource transportation system (RSpace)


Implementation of EQORIA Earth Government/Consortium Structure including the Charter, Ownerless Structure, Autonomous Structure, DAO Structure, General Assembly, Councils, Committees and Eqoria Spaces and other organs along with Policies and Procedures was initiated beginning from December 12, 2019, which is EQORIA's 7th year anniversary. 

April 12, 2020, the official first version of the EQORIA Charter declaring United Citizens of Earth was announced.

As the world moves into a new era, our progress will begin to accelerate our responsibility to harmonize the planet, from a simple but powerful seed, into a blossoming tree of HARMONISM. 

We will begin our work with EQORIA Earth Consortium members who are visioneers, scientists, engineers, artists, and all other conscious experts to build the planetarian singularity infrastructure which includes the network of 1110 EQORIA CITIES as early as December 12, 2024. But until that time we will plan, grow, and optimize our collective energy.

The Charter will be more responsible, comprehensive, and powerful than the United Nations Charter and other global organizations. The Charter will also provide a bridge to legacy systems.


​On April 21, 2021, the official EQORIA EARTH CONSTITUTION has been announced. Earth Constitution is designed for the harmony of Earth Resources and Earth Species.
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  • Gather 111 million responsible, dedicated, and solution-oriented conscious human beings into EQORIA EARTH CONSORTIUM Qspace, High-Council, Council, Committee, and SubCommittee Structures. 

  • Create the body of the consortium initial leadership

  • Create and Optimize the principles of the EQORIA Earth Consortium.

  • Create EQORIA Charter and Identify High Consortiums and Branches.

  • Analyze, Identify and Organize components of EQORIA Cities

  • Create and Optimize solutions to build EQORIA Singularity Infrastructure.

Graphic Spiral


  • EQORIA Earth Consortium Structure is designed with the principles and the structure of Harmonism. Consortiums are responsible for building the new consciousness for the planet. Eqoria Spaces are responsible for building the new body for the planet.

  • The Planetarian Singularity for Earth consists of two main layers.

    • THE QORAVERSE (The limitless mind for the planet created with digital technologies)​

    • THE QORASPACE (The limitless body for the planet create with physical technologies)

  • The Earth Consortium organs will exist in these layers interconnected with each other.​

Eqoria Harmony Structure.png



    The Secretariat carries out the substantive and administrative work of the EQORIA Earth Constitution as directed by the EQORIA High Council General Assembly, the Earth Consortium Councils, and Committees, and the other organs. At its head is the Legislation Secretary, who provides overall administrative guidance. The main functions of the Secretariat are:

    To gather and prepare background information on various issues so that Earth Consortium members or delegates can study the facts to make recommendations and create solutions;
    To help carry out the decisions made by the different organs of the EQORIA Earth Consortium;
    To organize global conferences;
    To translate speeches and distribute documents into other languages;
    To keep the Eqorians informed about the work of the EQORIA, United Citizens of Earth.


harmony MISSION


EQORIA HARMONY CONSORTIUM and HARMONY QSPACE are the organs of EQORIA EARTH CONSORTIUM which is responsible for the following missions;

  • Observing changes on the Earth Resources and Earth Citizens,

  • Analyzing and Identifying internal and external discrepancies that may create an impact on the planet's harmony.

  • Creating advanced solutions and implementing them into Planetarian Singularity Infrastructure to sustain the harmonization process of Earth.

  • Enable, empower and engage the collective decision process to optimize actions with EQORIA Harmony Consortium.


structure MISSION


EQORIA STRUCTURE CONSORTIUM and STRUCTURE ESPACES are the organs of EQORIA EARTH CONSORTIUM which is responsible for the following missions;

  • Planning, creating, sustaining, and optimizing the planetarian singularity infrastructure for Earth.

  • Implement designs with principles of Universal Harmony

  • Implement structures that will create circularity with Earth's Harmony without any leftover.

  • Implement functional and admirable art into the structure that will maximize the respect to all Earth Citizens and create the most amazing beauty verified by collective decision.

  • Create architectural choices that will enable all citizens to maximize access to all Earth Resources by minimizing ownership of collective time.

  • Create architectural choices that wil