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A Seed of Harmonism Amidst Global Disruptions

In the realm of visionary endeavors, EQORIA, United Earth, holds a distinctive place. Established with a seed idea in 2006, it has gradually metamorphosed, with official inception in 2012, optimization in 2018, and an envisioned growth spurt starting in 2024. At the heart of EQORIA lies the concept of Harmonism, a paradigm shift toward a united, ownerless, and harmonized planetarian singularity.

EQORIA does not belong to humans or any other entities. EQORIA is the New Earth. Period.

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Historical Progression from 2004:

The journey of EQORIA mirrors the growth of a self-sufficient ‘Seed’, evolving incrementally yet fundamentally over the years. Each phase, from inception to optimization, has been a building block toward creating a robust infrastructure aimed at serving Earth and all its citizens.

Citizen Contributions and Infrastructure Development:

Central to EQORIA’s growth strategy is the concept of Citizen Actions and Contributions. Starting in 2024, these contributions, akin to an Earth Tax, rewarded by time-based currency by the collective, are envisioned to fuel the construction and implementation of EQORIA Infrastructure Projects and Spaces.

Phased Expansion and the 2044 Vision:

The roadmap towards realizing EQORIA’s vision is phased, with an emphasis on the gradual expansion of projects post-2024. The trajectory is set towards achieving a comprehensive infrastructure by 2044, marking a significant milestone in EQORIA’s journey. This phased approach underscores a pragmatic yet ambitious pathway towards a harmonized planetarian singularity.

Global Disruption as a Catalyst:

An upcoming global disruption event, such as a war, will serve as a catalyst for redirecting global attention toward visionary projects like EQORIA, United Earth. In a world seeking solace and unity amidst the chaos caused by detachment from the reality of Earth Supremacy,

EQORIA’s vision of Harmonism fostering love and respect for unity may resonate deeply, propelling it toward the center stage of global discourse.

Earth Family Gatherings:

A noteworthy initiative by EQORIA is the Earth Family Gatherings, which aims to unite Earth Citizens from diverse backgrounds in a celebration of life’s beauty, diversity, and interconnectedness. These gatherings not only foster a sense of unity and love among participants but also underscore the broader vision of harmonism and collective harmony envisioned by EQORIA.

Transition to Harmonism:

The existing socio-political and economic infrastructures, primarily human-centric, are posited as stepping stones towards Earth’s Quantum Plan under EQORIA’s narrative. There is nothing wrong with the plan. Current systems, driven by ownership and power dynamics, are seen as necessary precursors, setting the stage for a higher level of collective consciousness and the eventual transition to Harmonism.

End of Work Enslavement:

A cornerstone of Harmonism is liberating humans from traditional work enslavement and the associated socio-economic disparities. This shift will redefine individual and collective values, paving the way for a society where creativity and collaboration flourish unfettered by conventional employment constraints caused by ownership. Every Earth Citizen with their trillions of cells is a one-person-nation with EQORIA.

Robotic EQORIA Citizens:

The deployment of Artificial Intelligence, Artificial General Intelligence, and Quantum Intelligence ownerless embodied in the form of humanoid or other form factor robots as EQORIA Citizens signifies a radical transformation in governance and resource management. These robotic citizens, tasked with ensuring ownerless Earth Resources and serving Earth Citizens with autonomous digital and physical spaces (EQORIA Spaces), will ensure fair and efficient utilization of Earth Resources. EQORIA Citizens are here to serve and harmonize Earth.

EQORIA Citizen working at the Precious Metal Harvesting Facility of EQORIA.

Ownership of Time and Temporrency:

In a stark departure from material ownership, Harmonism proposes a unique perspective where ‘Time’ is the only possession. This concept could foster a fundamental reevaluation of societal priorities, shifting focus from material accumulation to experiential and temporal richness. EQORIA has introduced the first and only ownerless Time-based currency called Temporrency. DART is the first of its kind that can only exist in an ownerless system.

DART = Disowned Action Realization Time

Replacement of Traditional Governance:

EQORIA envisions a future where traditional governments and organizations are replaced by EQORIA Spaces — decentralized, autonomous, and integrated systems of governance including EQORIA Earth Consortium. This bold leap suggests a future with streamlined, unbiased, and efficient governance structures serving the needs of Earth and all its citizens.

The conceptual construction of EQORIA EARTH CONSORTIUM

Inclusive Earth Citizenship:

Expanding the definition of citizenship to encompass all of Earth’s species reflects a holistic and inclusive vision. This broadened definition could foster a deeper sense of interconnectedness, promoting a culture of mutual respect and responsibility towards all life forms. Trillions of Earth Citizens are waiting for Humans to Unite.

Technological Leveraging:

EQORIA’s blueprint leverages contemporary technological advancements, intertwining them with its core principles. The synergy between technology and EQORIA’s philosophical underpinnings is poised to create a self-sustaining, efficient, and inclusive societal framework.