EQORIA LifeLab is the ownerless and empirical citizen health infrastructure. From nutrition to diagnosis, and from maintaining health to treatments, LifeLab covers all aspects of healthy living.

1.   Current situation

A lack of complete management of data on the health of individuals vs. society vs. global health need for personalized medicine and longevity approach

2.  Lifelab Capabilities

• Citizen Body Virtualization

• View Exact 3D and interactive digital replica of citizen body

• View External Relationships

Inhaled Air

• Food

• External Source Energy

• Sensual Data

• Take Action

• GeoSpatial Knowledge

• GeoSpatial Integration

• Academy Empirical Knowledge Base

• Personalized treatment

• Sustainable development

3.  How Lifelab works

• Clinical samples collection

• The diagnostic process combined with the treatment one

• Integration of experience with knowledge of Earth Academy

• Reward system

• Reputation system

4.  Benefits

• Improvement of the quality of life and health of individuals and at the global level

• Development of science

• Sustainable development

5.  Expectations

• Target: patients and sponsors

• Adherence to the principles of science and ethics, rational using of limited      resources, caring for the environment, and civilization development