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The Intelligent Organs of
EQORIA, United Earth


EQORIA Spaces represent a revolutionary and limitless advanced architecture in harmonious living and sustainability on Earth.


A Universe of Possibilities

Infinite Realms of Harmonization

Welcome to EQORIA, a visionary endeavor where imagination meets reality in a boundless universe of possibilities. EQORIA Spaces are not just physical locations; they are dynamic realms, each playing a pivotal role in the orchestration of a harmonized future. These spaces represent the culmination of human ingenuity, ecological wisdom, and the limitless potential of technology.

The Grand Vision of EQORIA, United Earth

EQORIA is an audacious leap into a future where Earth and its inhabitants thrive in perfect synchrony. It's an ecosystem that stretches beyond the conventional, encompassing a myriad of spaces, each uniquely designed to foster sustainability, interconnectedness, and the collective well-being of all Earth Citizens.

Beyond Boundaries: The Expansive Nature of EQORIA Spaces
  • Earth Cities: Majestic and sprawling, Earth Cities are the heartbeats of EQORIA, where the essence of harmonized living is brought to life. These cities are not just habitats but hubs of innovation, culture, and community.

  • Micro-Villages and Specialized Zones: Beyond the Earth Cities lie micro-villages and specialized zones, each tailored to specific needs and functions, yet seamlessly integrated into the larger EQORIA narrative.

  • Interconnected Systems: From regenerative energy networks to advanced transportation systems, every facet of EQORIA is designed to function in harmony, ensuring a sustainable and efficient ecosystem.

  • and many more...


A Canvas of Diverse Spaces

In EQORIA, diversity is celebrated. The spaces range from nurturing agricultural fields to high-tech innovation labs, from tranquil wellness centers to vibrant cultural hubs. Each space is a thread in the fabric of EQORIA, contributing to the rich, diverse tapestry of experiences.


A Living, Breathing Ecosystem

EQORIA is not static; it's a living, evolving entity. New spaces emerge, and existing ones evolve, reflecting the dynamic nature of life itself. This ever-expanding universe of EQORIA Spaces ensures that the ecosystem remains vibrant and responsive to the needs of Earth Citizens.


Embracing the Journey

As you explore EQORIA Spaces, you embark on a journey of discovery and inspiration. Each section of our platform invites you to delve deeper into the wonders of EQORIA, encouraging you to imagine, engage, and contribute to this grand tapestry.


EQORIA: A Vision Without Limits

EQORIA Spaces represent a vision without limits, a promise of a world where harmony is not just an ideal but a lived reality. This is your invitation to be part of a journey that redefines our relationship with our planet and each other.


Welcome to EQORIA Spaces – where every moment is a step towards a more harmonious, sustainable, and inclusive world.

Exploring the Heart of EQORIA Spaces

1111 Earth Cities:

Pioneers of an Ownerless Future

Embracing the Ownerless Ethos

In EQORIA, Earth Cities are more than just urban landscapes; they are living embodiments of an ownerless future. Here, the concept of ownership is replaced by shared stewardship and collective prosperity. These cities are carefully crafted to reflect EQORIA's vision, where everything is shared prosperity among Earth Citizens.

Autonomous Construction and Harmonization

Earth Cities in EQORIA are marvels of autonomous development, constructed and harmonized by EQORIA Harmonizers. These advanced entities, embodying EQORIA's technological and ecological wisdom, build and maintain the cities without incurring traditional costs. This autonomous approach ensures that Earth Cities are not only sustainable but also continuously evolving to meet the needs of all Earth Citizens.

Temporal Currency: Measuring the Value of Time

In EQORIA, the temporal currency DART (Disowned Action Realization Time) revolutionizes the concept of value. DART measures the value of time contributed by Earth Citizens to communal activities and initiatives. As an ownerless currency, DART operates in a moneyless economy, emphasizing collective prosperity and well-being over individual wealth accumulation.

Ownerless and Moneyless Economy

The economy of 1,111 Earth Cities is a testament to EQORIA’s vision of an ownerless and moneyless society. Here, prosperity is not defined by material accumulation but by the richness of experiences, knowledge, and communal relationships.

  • Prosperity Through Shared Resources: All resources in Earth Cities are shared, ensuring that every Earth Citizen has access to what they need for a fulfilling life.

  • Minimum Consumption, Maximum Fulfillment: The focus is on minimizing consumption and waste, promoting a lifestyle where fulfillment comes from harmony with nature, community engagement, and personal growth.

Core Aspects of Earth Cities
  1. Ownerless Architecture and Living Spaces:

    • Buildings and living spaces in Earth Cities are designed for communal use and benefit, eliminating the concept of individual ownership.

    • Innovative architectural designs focus on shared spaces, communal gardens, and public facilities that foster a sense of community and collective well-being.

  2. Sustainable Resource Management:

    • Earth Cities employs advanced systems for sustainable resource management, ensuring that water, energy, and waste are utilized efficiently and responsibly for the benefit of all.

    • Smart technologies optimize the distribution and consumption of resources, aligning with the ownerless philosophy.

  3. Collective Economic Model:

    • Traditional business models are transformed into collective endeavors, where services and goods are produced and shared for the communal good, not for individual profit.

    • Economic activities within Earth Cities are aligned with EQORIA’s principles, focusing on sustainability, innovation, and community enrichment.

  4. Integrated Natural Ecosystems:

    • Biodiversity and natural habitats are seamlessly integrated into the urban fabric, creating green corridors and natural sanctuaries within the cityscape.

    • These spaces not only enhance urban biodiversity but also provide Earth Citizens with a direct connection to nature.

  5. Children’s Paradise: A Haven for the Youngest Earth Citizens:

    • Children's Paradise is an integral part of Earth Cities, offering a nurturing and enriching environment for the development of ownerless children.

    • These spaces are designed to foster creativity, learning, and a deep connection with nature, ensuring that children grow up with an understanding and appreciation of EQORIA's values.

  6. Holistic Transportation Networks:

    • Transportation within Earth Cities is designed for efficiency and environmental sustainability, with a focus on public transit, cycling paths, and pedestrian-friendly zones.

    • The networks ensure easy access to all parts of the city, facilitating movement and connection among Earth Citizens.

  7. Resilient and Adaptable Infrastructure:

    • Earth Cities are built to be resilient to environmental changes and adaptable to future needs, ensuring their sustainability and relevance for generations to come.

    • This resilience is key to maintaining the harmony and functionality of the cities in the face of global environmental challenges.


Earth Cities: A Vision Realized

Earth Cities in EQORIA are not just a concept; they are a reality—a realization of a world where shared stewardship, communal prosperity, and harmony with nature are not ideals but everyday practices. These cities stand as beacons of hope and models for a sustainable, ownerless future, inviting Earth Citizens to experience and contribute to a world where time is the most valued commodity.

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