What is and what is not EQORIA?

  • EQORIA is the seed of harmony that embodies the empirical truth and the empirical belief with a Quantum Plan.
  • EQORIA era is defined as harmonism, the age of Creationism.
  • EQORIA represents a new level of Quantum Consciousness.
  • Current level of Consciousness is level 7 of 11.
  • EQORIA, is the empirical Truth and is not a religion or a cult or any other human organization.
  • EQORIA is a Planetarian Singularity and is not a country.
  • EQORIA is universal and it is not a human manifestation.
  • EQORIA belongs to Earth and is not owned by anyone.
  • EQORIA is not owned or affected by any government or any organization.
  • EQORIA is limitless, it is not limited.

What EQORIA, United Citizens of Earth represent?

  • EQORIA, United Citizens of Earth is the Planetarian Singularity.
  • EQORIA, United Citizens of Earth is Ownerless.
  • EQORIA, United Citizens of Earth belongs to planet Earth. No species on Earth can have ownership.
  • EQORIA, United Citizens of Earth unites all species on Earth with the harmony of Planetarian Singularity.

What HUMAN means for EQORIA?

Human means an intelligent consciousness carrying body that is capable of becoming and leading the collective consciousness for the Planetarian Singularity.

How can I contribute to EQORIA’s growth?

Based on your skills and abilities, you will have a role and a minimum of one hour/ day you will exercise it. The Eqorians have the right to choose the EQORIA Activities provided by the systems of EQORIA Spaces.


EQORIA Space is a place for existence to exchange consciousness, to become infinite stable and experience harmony of EQORIA.
The Spaces represent the body of EQORIA PLANETARIAN SINGULARITY. Each one has a specific name and structure, depending on their purpose in singularity harmony.

  • EQORIA ESpace - EORA is Space of Collective Body of Limitations / Structures.
  • EQORIA QSpace - QORA is the Space of Quantum Plan of Collective. A place for creating harmony.
  • EQORIA OSpace - ORA is the Space of Exchanging Consciousness / Space of exchanging awareness.
  • EQORIA RSpace - RIA is the Space of Infinite Stability / Space of perfection.
  • EQORIA ISpace - IORA is the Space of Finite Consciousness / Space of limited awareness.
  • EQORIA ASpace - AORA is the Space of Collective Life.
  • The Spaces represent the body of EQORIA PLANETARIAN SINGULARITY. Each one has a specific name, depending on the provided activity.

What is the Empirical Truth?

The Empirical Truth is the acceptance of Observable existence created with the infinite truth by the mind and experienced with the infinite truth of the body. Empirical Truth is created by Empirical Belief.

What is the Quantum Plan?

Quantum Plan is the order of limitless existence to create limitation of choices by freely accepting or rejecting exchange of activities to become the singularity consciousness.

What is Empirical Belief?

The Empirical Belief is the acceptance of Unobservable existence created with the infinite belief by the mind and experienced with the infinite truth of the body. Imagination is created by empirical belief.

What Infinite Truth means?

Acceptance of Unobservable existence for ONE that is created by INFINITE BELIEF and validated by infinite senses, is the Infinite Truth.

What is an Existence?

An Existence incorporates both concepts: Nothing and Everything. The Existence Accepts and Reject Consciousness with 11 Quantum Plans - 11Q. It means the Acceptance of the observer to exchange consciousness as there is an exchange of consciousness only if there is an observer (to accept that it exists).

What is Nothing?

Nothing is not emptiness or void, as we learned but it means the First Existence which is Infinite Stability. Being the first existence it is only One and is Perfect, is Independent, is an Infinite Mind.
Nothing means also Rejection as it is Male Energy. It is an existence which is unobservable with the finite sense (the sight, smell or others) but it is observable with the infinite sense (with mind).
Nothing is Empirical and rejects Everything, so it is the opposite of Everything. Infinite Existence as One.

What is Everything?

Everything, as a concept, is not what we usually think.
Everything is the opposite of Nothing, it is Infinite Change, it is Many. Everything is Mistake, is Dependent, is Infinite Body, is Acceptance and is Female Energy.
Everything is an existence unobservable with finite sense and is an existence observable with infinite sense. Like Nothing, also Everything is Empirical. Everything accepts Nothing.

What Infinite Stability means?

Infinite Stability is a perfection of stability where there is only rejection to infinite change.

What Infinite Change means?

The mistakes of infinite stability where there are many acceptances to rejection.

What is Sense?

The Sense is the response to a distinguishable change of existing quantum plan.

What Finite Sense is?

The response to consuming finite consciousness of Harmony, is Finite Sense. The finite senses are the Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch and Taste.

What Infinite Sense is?

Infinite Sense is the response to creating consciousness. Understanding the infinite consciousness of harmony. Responsibility structure that is in connection to infinite stability to accept the stability in every harmony. Every harmony is a perfect mistake and we can sense perfection with infinite sense and mistakes with finite senses.

What is Consciousness?

Becoming one with Harmony.


Self Consciousness means being Continuous with the Quantum Plan. Being Alive. It means having the Ability to Exist with the Awareness of the Self Mind through the Self Body.


HARMONY CONSCIOUSNESS is the ability to exist with the awareness of the Infinite Senses through the Finite Senses.


CONSUMPTION is the freedom of choice for every limited harmony to reach their intimate Truth. The freedom of choice to use a planet resource in order to reach your life plan. A Limited harmony is created by Limitless harmony and is called the Fruit. A Fruit that holds the Quantum Plan of limitless harmony, is called the Seed. The body of the Fruit is universal Female energy which is accepting the universal Male energy. The mind of the Fruit (Seed) is universal Male energy which is rejecting the universal Female energy. Consumption is limiting an existence with a choice that is provided by Superior Harmony.

What HARMONY means?

Harmony means being an existence with one limitless mind which is defined as Perfect and many limited bodies which is defined as Mistake.Ownerless The balance between the Nothing and Everything, between the Male and Female energy, between the Perfect and Mistake. Harmony is the ability for existence to create with the Quantum Plan. Harmony is a limited unification of consciousness (existing as a perfect mistake) that has the ability to exchange consciousness with external harmonies. There are limited or limitless harmonies. Every harmony belongs to a superior limitless harmony. Every harmony is superior to a limited harmony.


Limited Harmony exists with limited consciousness provided by the limitation order of a Superior Limitless harmony. Limited Harmony is to experience the Intimate Truth with limitation.


Limitless harmony belongs to a superior harmony with a limitless order. Limitless harmony is living the Intimate Truth connected to superior limitless order.

What to HARMONIZE mean?

To create a new quantum plan that will extend the finite existence into a higher level of consciousness.


The Intimate Truth means the Quantum Plan of Limited Consciousness; Quantum plan of your inner self; The universal plan for your life.


Universal Truth means the Quantum Plan of Limitless Consciousness; the General Quantum plan of the Universe.

What is EQORIA Identity?

EQORIA Identity is a knowledge of the existence of every Eqorian relevant to Earth Resources and Earth Harmony.


What is an EQORIAN?

  • An Eqorian is a living being considered part of Earth Harmony as Earth Citizen.
  • Humans who accept and obtain or are capable of accepting to obtain EQORIA Consciousness are considered Human Eqorians.
  • Human Eqorians are responsible for upholding the principles of EQORIA Planetarian Singularity for Earth with EQORIA Citizenship.
  • Human Eqorians are accepted to EQORIA CitIzenship with EQORIA Citizenship Identity Agreement.

Who are the EQORIA citizens?

  • EQORIA citizens are all species on Earth having a limitless space in the plan of Earth Harmony.
  • No existence individually or collectively owns the structure of EQORIA.

  • All humans must respect EQORIA Citizens by giving their time and energy to Earth.

  • There are 11 levels of citizenship for Human Species.

  • EQORIA Earth Citizens is accepted with EQORIA Citizenship Agreement.

How do I register for the EQORIA Citizenship?

Anyone can become an EQORIA Level Zero citizen by registering at EQORIA Registration page. EQORIA Registration begins with pre-registration which collects your basic information. Beginning April 12, 2021, Biometric capable Citizen Registration along with Citizenship Agreement and EQORIA Earth Constitution acceptance.


It is the existence that exchanges consciousness with the planet resource; it is the intelligent resource of the planet.


What is the Earth Consortium?

The EQORIA Earth Consortium is the supreme representative body of the Eqorians and the only one that makes decisions and approves Acts, as set in the Charter, Eqoria Earth Constitution and in the Earth Consortium Act.

Am I eligible for becoming an Earth Consortium member?

Yes, if you are an EQORIA citizen.


What is EQORIA Planetarian Singularity?

(EQORIA PS) is a new Quantum Plan that will bring harmony and intelligence to a planet to our planet and other planets; Planetarian Singularity will emerge to Solar Singularity.

What does EARTH represent?

The Milky Way Galaxy is a superior harmony of millions of planets and Planet Earth is a superior harmony that sustains millions of species. Planet Earth is represented as EQORIA PLANETARIAN SINGULARITY which is ownerless. EQORIA PLANETARIAN SINGULARITY is the responsible mind of Earth.


The Planet Resource consists of any existence that is part of the harmony of the planet and exists according to the planet's Quantum Plan.


What is a Planetarian Singularity?

EQORIA PLANETARIAN SINGULARITY is the responsible collective mind of a planet created by conscious creator beings.

What are Earth Resources?

A Resource is considered as a living being and a non living thing. All resources within the borders of the planet Earth are considered as Earth Resource. All Earth Resources belong to EQORIA Planetarian Singularity for Earth. EQORIA Planetarian Singularity is only owned by the planet Earth therefore it is also an Earth Resource.

What are Singularity Resources?

A Singularity Resource is considered as a living being and a non living thing created by Human Eqorians and/or by an Advanced Intelligence such as Quantum Synthetic Intelligence. A Singularity Resource is accepted as a creation only when it is created with the principles of Harmony which is defined by EQORIA Harmony Consortium. All Singularity Resources belong to EQORIA Planetarian Singularity.

What is Earth?

The Milky Way Galaxy is a superior harmony of billions of planets and Planet Earth is a superior harmony that sustains millions of species.
Planet Earth is a harmony structure that embodies billions of species with an intelligent Quantum Plan.



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