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With EQORIA CHILDREN PARADISE, we believe in what is empirical and ownerless. ECP is designed to bring excellent life to children in order to become the most capable, most prosper, most free and most in self harmony, EQORIA Citizen contributing to our planet Earth to create the most amazing Planetarian Singularity

School Kids Meditating
Kids in the Museum
Carousel Kids
Kids Drawing
Kids' Paintings
Kids Stacking Blocks
Teacher and Kids in Library
Kids in Bouncy Castle
Kids at Playground
Kid Having Fun
Kids in Playground
Water Slide Kids
Little Girl with Christmas Present
Girl with Gingerbread Man



EQORIA Earth Consortium is dedicated to the Children Paradise project to bring a new perspective over the children’s lives in general. It consists of new ways of learning which include limitless opportunities to explore, to use AI and different technologies for achieving new skills, new abilities, and to develop an independent personality. 

The children have the freedom to choose what they like to learn and to do the activities that suit their goals being in a safe environment being surrounded by highly trained teachers, highly prepared scientists, loving people to take care of them at any age and by AI to help them achieve a higher level of knowledge.

Children's Paradise takes care also of their health so there are labs, clinics, hospitals just for them. 

The traditional school will be history as they will go into the future with whole futuristic baggage. Schools, playgrounds, recreational areas, nature and exploring areas, all of them have a beautiful design, materials, technology and facilities to help them use their imagination, get more creative, improve their skills and develop new ones. 

Children Paradise is the shift that society needs.Their new way of thinking will lead them in the right direction- the harmonization.



Children are the Earth Citizens who will become True Humans by realizing their own identity.



Life isn’t segregated by age; communities aren’t neatly divided into peer groups and we don’t just hang out with people our own age. So why do most school systems separate students based on their age?

Contrary to popular belief, age does not dictate social or academic developmental level, and it’s in fact more beneficial for children (even as early as preschool and kindergarten levels) to be exposed to mixed age groups throughout their social, intellectual, and emotional development.

Because some kids learn faster, or slower, keeping children of the same age learning the same concepts will end up leaving some behind, and pulling others back. Learning has little to do with age, and much more to do with how well they absorb and interpret information, as well as their learning style.

Exposing kids to a mixed age group environment helps boost their learning experience and their development in a number of ways.

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Image by Atikah Akhtar
Image by stem
Image by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen
Image by Mike Fox
Image by Robo Wunderkind
Image by Park  Troopers
Image by Anna Earl
Image by Tanaphong Toochinda
Image by Robert Collins
Image by Ashton Bingham
Image by Duangphorn Wiriya
Image by Markus Spiske
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Image by Zdeněk Macháček
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Image by Kayan Baby
Image by Tim Mossholder
  • Encourages kids to build strong bonds with others, not of their own age (much like how older and younger siblings interact).

  • Teaches peer-to-peer interactions (children are more apt to learn from their peers than from adults).

  • Better social and academic skills than traditionally schooled children.

  • Teaches older kids the reward of being a good role model for younger children.

  • Gives the kids the ability to become mentors to the younger ones (assist them on how to properly carry a tray, where the bathroom is, where to put the lunchbox, where and when to eat lunch, etc.).

  • Gives the older children a stronger sense of self-worth as they’re helping others.

  • Teaches kids to be sensitive to others around them, to recognize when others need help, and helps them to become more independent in their actions.


Instead of drawing arbitrary lines between kids to dictate whom they get to hang out with all day, and where they should be in their development, EQORIA Children Paradise prepares the children for life, in all of its unsegregated glory, which is the way it should be. They will truly be Earth Citizens and True Humans.

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