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EQORIA Singularity Genesis is the Quantum Leap in Earth Plan. Within this plan, responsible humans now have the ability to build harmonious structures with quantum level technologies backed by fundamental and empirical knowledge provided by AI, which will lead us to create the ownerless and responsible EQORIA Planetarian Singularity Infrastructure (PSI) for Earth.
EQORIA PSI will maximize the harmony of time for all species (including humans) on the planet while ensuring minimizing the ownership and control of any entity.


EQORIA Singularity Genesis provides EQORIA citizens a planetarian advanced planetary creation technologies, which ensures maximum efficiency for the planet and all living species. It develops the facilities to harmonize the time of daily living with zero cost. The main purpose will be creating smart materials based on novel techniques of development and manufacturing to ensure a highly efficient and effective life. Singularity Genesis, along with the Earth-friendly approach, empowers maximum freedom, maximum prosperity, and maximum respect for all living creatures.

The project itself is a creation of the Intelligent Structures for EQORIA Planetary Singularity Infrastructure which is formed based on principles of universal harmony. What does it mean? Singularity Genesis provides intelligent Earth resources, technologies, and empirical knowledge. The ownerless and borderless stance of EQORIA converges all lives on the planet through highly effective Intelligent Systems with a well-defined quantum plan (order of existence). These, in turn, include identification, recognition, observation, and distribution technologies. Besides, creating advanced technologies enables us to obtain self-assembling, self-responding, and self-preventing systems that could be established at a very low cost or zero cost.

Singularity Genesis consumes knowledge of chemistry, nanotechnology, and bioengineering for all available technologies to create an entire infrastructure with maximum freedom and respect. At a glance, it creates the methodology for all structures, and so we do!

Singularity Genesis stands on 4 basic pillars:

  • EQORIA Life – all Earth Citizens are safe and in harmony with one another (Children Paradise, etc.);

  • Genesis Responsibility – reinvent structures to consume Earth resources respectfully.

  • SiGeDe (Singularity Genesis Development) – everything evolves always by means of constant development and improvement.

  • Singularity Safety – it assures that every Earth Citizen is protected from any harmful and ominous Earth resources or intelligence, to protect all the species and extend your life.


Create a new future within the most advanced and intuitive regenerative technologies inspired by nature and earth quantum intelligence. Singularity Genesis materializes all that is necessary for the next generation of self-sufficient materials. Intelligent Structures based on biomimetics incorporate a wide scope of materials printed with the usage of 3D printing:

  • Building Materials;

  • GeSkin - like Textiles - antibacterial, protective, or fully breathable clothing for high performance and daily usage;

  • GeSi - Meds - drug delivery systems and medical devices support;

  • Opti-GeSi is simple enough for nanophotonics, laser, and lenses;

  • EnerGiSi- unlock the power of sourcing and managing fully transparent energy distribution systems;

  • Organic Light Structures;

  • Self Assembly Structures;

  • Self Healing;

  • Selective Technologies;

  • Communication Technologies.

All we need is to follow the amazing intelligence of our planet, Earth! Does any of the mentioned topics sound familiar to you? Are you interested in advanced science?

Apply to EQORIA Earth Consortium to join the project!

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