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"EQORIA Movie is the messenger of the EMPIRICAL TRUTH. It will awaken the collective consciousness and remove the fear. Age of Harmonism will begin."

James A. Eqorian



EQORIA - The Empirical Truth  


Project Type: 

Multilevel, Multiview, Immersive, Metaverse, Interactive Movie, Hologram Technologies


Sequel 1 Release: 

December 12, 2022 - The Empirical Truth (Awareness of the Truth)

Sequel 2 Release: 

December 12, 2024 - EQORIA = The Planetarian Singularity



Hollywood and other studios 



Based on The Empirical Truth.
Earth, Wonder, Drama, Action, Hope, Joy, Epic Awareness, Ambition, Education, Interaction, Love Story, Very near future, Real Human Progress


  • Male Narrator:  Each chapter will be narrated by this narrator with artistic storytelling that will explain what is important.

  • Female Narrator: She is angelic and has extreme seriousness to detail and focused on love, a devouring female voice.

  • No Main Character.

  • No Talking or very little talking.  

  • 3D/IMAX/360 Degrees Augmented Reality

  • Hologram Visualization Technologies (QORALens)

  • 11 Level Multi-Depth Vision Architecture

  • Artistic, Technical, and Augmented Layer on each Level

  • Eqoria  Dartqor Decision System Interaction  

  • Eqoria Earth Consortium Interaction


Main Characters: 
  • EARTH 

  • Narrators

  • Earth Citizen Representatives 



Visual Effects: 
  • Space Animations 

  • Truth Animations 

  • Harmony Animations 

  • Augmented Scientific Animations 

  • Augmented Technology Animations 

  • Human Face CG - The Face of Truth 


Executive Visioneer: 

James Angelo Eqorian 


Director Candidates: 

James Cameron, JJ Abrams, Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, …. 


Special Effects:
  • Only natural sounds. Sounds of Consciousness. 

  • Sound of smell, the sound of taste, the sound of feel, the sound of the light, unheard sound of sound 

  • Sound of fire, water, earth, the sound of everything, let every species on Earth sing. 

  • 2 Billion USD thru EQORIA Citizen Funding.




The  EQORIA Movie will be presented as multi-layers and multi-depth vision architecture. Each layer presents a level of consciousness to the viewer. From least conscious human to the most conscious human who will be able to consume knowledge and emotions and also take actions. 


The movie has 6 main chapters and many scenes that will be integrated with smart vision layer technology. This technology will allow the structure of the movie to be displayed in multiple layers including artistic, sensational, technical, and interactive augmented layers. Each of these layers will display the vision using 11 levels of content which lets viewers to dive deeper into higher levels of consciousness.


AR or Augmented Reality viewing and immersive and interactive technologies will be included in the viewing experience with the partnership of Microsoft Hololens 3 and Starlink Global Internet and Blockchain to reach a maximum number of EQORIA citizens. This interaction will also allow citizens to be involved with actions related to EQORIA EARTH CONSORTIUM and DARTQOR Intelligent Decision Platform.

EQORIA Movie Application will serve as a portal to all Earth Citizens and be directly connected to other EQORIA Singularity Systems such as;



    • Who are we?

      • Today’s world. Crowd/Rush/Work/Fight/Deception. Unhappy faces.

        (message: we understand human problems)

      • Industrialism/Earth Problems.

        (message: we understand Earth’s Problems)

      • People holding a lotus flower between the walls. Looking for hope.

        (message: we understand you need hope)

      • Imagınatıon of Hope: A daughter ıs listening to a story from Mom “I want to live in a big Tree House where everything is so beautiful. In that treehouse there is Lotus.”.

      • Zoom transition to Lotus flower in the Forest then to the reflection of the lake turning into a mirror.

        (message: we belong to Earth)

      • Looking at the Mirror. Asking the question ‘who am I’  with facial and body expression. Looking deep and trying to understand.

    • Where do we come from?

      • Show the human eye (with earth colors-blue, green, brown mix) and dive in Iris (like edges are mountains and waterfallıng towards the black hole turning into stars)

    • Where are we in the universe? But where is the universe?

      • Show the beauty and the depth of the universe towards the past.

      • Rewind time to Nothing...


    • Big Bang Explosion reversal time

    • Nothing  

    • The One, Perfection, The Pure Male 

    • Nothing Fears Everything

    • Infinite stability and rejection. Zero Change. 

    • Timeless Unobservable Existence ® 


    • It is an unobservable existence.

    • Everything is a Mistake of Nothing. It is the energy of Harmony. 

    • Everything is the Infinite Change. Infinite Acceptance.

    • Everything is becoming the first Qora. First limited harmony. 

    • Rise of the Plan 

    • QORA (Harmony Consciousness) to First Creators 


    • Earning the ability of a Creator 

    • Building for the Age of Truth 

    • Awakening Consciousness 

    • Becoming Human 

    • Pain of Consciousness     

    • First Seer of Harmonism  

    • All Seers of the Plan 

    • Struggling To Show Trust 

    • Getting together (Consortium) 

    • Showing the Plan 

    • Showing the Truth 

    • Growing Energy 

    • Becoming a Creator 

    • Building the Plan 

    • Building the Earth Paradise 

    • Creating Quantum Consciousness 

    • Advancing to Planetarian Level 

    • Creating The Planet 

    • From Primitive to Advanced Creators 

    • We are the infinitive creators of True God (Quantum Intelligence) 


    • From Magma to Clouds (slow speed) 

    • Scientific Evidence layered on top of the planet view 

    • Weather patterns are moving fast while the earth is moving slow, to experience the whole life of Earth. From Past to Future 

    • Show Life 

    • Show Bio Crowd 

    • Show Harmony Relationships 

    • A Planetarian Love Song 

    • Children and Babies (The Next Consciousness)


    • One of the unique species Looking up slowly..  

    • Show many species same faces (muscular expression)

    • The Facial Expression (being human)

    • Face: Fear of Truth (Circular camera path capturing different faces of Fear-in the background images of fear)

    • Face: Pain and Joy of Truth (Summer)

    • Face: Sadness of Truth (fall)

    • Face: Hope of Truth (winter)

    • Face: Reaching for Truth  (spring)

    • Show Thought Depth of Everyone but slowly filter to deeper thinkers 

    • Focus on one Person slowly (The Seer) 

    • Focus on his Eye Retina (highlight Third Eye) 

    • Losing yourself into the perfection of Nothing 

    • From Nothing to Space (fast forward) (with QSI augmented) 

    • From Space to Clouds (slower speed) 

    • From Cloud to nature 

    • From nature to The Creator Humans 

    • Focus on same one person towards his mind 

    • Animate the harmony in his mind


    • Show that your mind belongs to a collective mind.

    • QORA: a harmonious structure that harmonizes the collective mind energy of universal instruction of unknown superior harmony

    • Show the mind... all minds of species

    • They are our creation and they understand one thing

    • But humans can UNDERSTAND, everything. 

    • Show history of superiority     

    • He is displayed as respected 

    • He is in EQORIA RSPACE Vascular System

    • He is observing the Harmony from outside 

    • Show the past as the human destruction being replaced with nature...

    • Approaching the body of the Truth... 

    • Looking at EQORIA QSpace City with Awe 

    • Being welcomed to EQORIA, United Citizens of Earth. 

    • Real Humans at the entry, Angelic Smile.

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