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EQORIA RSpace - A Life of Infinite Stability.

by Eqoria Reach

3/9/21, 9:00 PM

EQORIA RSpace, a life in a space of existence that is an ownerless vehicle. A vehicle that can be a home, a medical center, a laboratory, museum, club, theater, school, working place, restaurant, whatever you wish it to be. Imagine a vehicle moving faster and bigger than an airplane.

"EQORIA RSpace defines a life that is gifted with Harmonious and Limitless Time"

James Angelo Eqorian

This is the story of a reality that feels like a dream. The development of modern technologies created by Earth Resources and Empirical knowledge is turning into a new reality. A reality that allows humans to create amazing and abundant solutions when they are integrated together with the empirical vision of EQORIA will be able to provide a planetarian infrastructure that enables every being on Earth to reach the level of infinite stability.

Imagine a life where we exist limitlessly with a harmonious lifestyle. Imagine a life in which you fall asleep at night at one location and wake up on the other side of the globe in the morning.

Life in a space of existence that is a vehicle. А vehicle that can be a home, a medical center, a laboratory, museum, club, theater, school, working place, restaurant, whatever you wish it to be. Imagine a vehicle moving faster and bigger than an airplane. A vehicle that gives you the freedom to travel to any beautiful place on Earth. Imagine a life where airports, bus stations, traffic jams do not exist.  So much time that is wasted now, can be used for anything you wish to do while at the same time traveling, experiencing, enjoying, becoming, discovering, respecting, and loving. A vehicle to be a fortress that is customized for any activity. A place where your time becomes the most valuable asset in your life. To travel from the comfort of your home, while working or enjoying the time. Imagine what it is to have the possibility of limitless traveling during your life.  Imagine, traveling thru 1110 Eqoria QSpace Cities that will make a lifetime.

Imagine even more, that the millions of these EQORIA vehicles and interconnected EQORIA QSpace cities are ownerless and belonging to Earth.

No one owns EQORIA.

EQORIA RSpace delivers the gift of a harmonious life to 8 billion humans and to all species on Earth within the EQORIA planetarian infrastructure solution. We are now buying the limitless life full of traveling as human nature is all about changing, all about traveling. EQORIA RSpace Units are the traveling capsules that offer you everything you need to enjoy in the best way the time traveling from one location to another.

Each RSpace traveling unit has beautiful wide windows that allow you to meet nature outside on your way to your final destination. The units are designed according to their purpose. EQORIA will offer a variety of RSpace units.

  • Residential RSpace

  • Healthcare RSpace

  • Entertainment RSpace

  • Art RSpace

  • Technology RSpace

  • Harvesting RSpace

  • Science RSpace

  • Children RSpace

  • Leisure RSpace

  • History RSpace

  • Wisdom RSpace

  • Engineering RSpace

  • Observation RSpace

  • Culinary RSpace

  • Consortium RSpace

  • and many more creative RSpaces

RSpace units offer 1110 sq/meter usable space with interconnected 4 floors. RSpace Unites are embodied in RSpace Transportation System that utilizes advanced Hyperloop technologies with the speed reaching up to 1500 km per hour.

RSpace Vascular System (RVS) utilizes 6 tunnels for citizen transportation and 4 tunnels for resource transportation. The top layer of RTS consists of the latest octagon solar panels generating solar energy to be stored in 3D-printed batteries. Supplemental energies such as wind, magnetic, quantum field, or fusion energies will also be integrated into EQORIA RVS. The 111-meter wide top layer accumulating water from Earth's water resources such as the Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, and Cryosphere, will distribute water thru the Artificial River supplementing water to cities and other infrastructures of EQORIA.

EQORIA RSpace Units, EQORIA RVS, EQORIA QSpace cities are created with the responsibility of thousands of scientists, engineers, architects, artists, and many other subject matter experts who are part of EQORIA Earth Consortium and EQORIA Spaces.

For more details visit EQORIA RSPACES.

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