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EQORIA selects Microsoft Azure as the Strategic Cloud Provider

by Eqoria Reach

8/12/22, 4:00 AM

EQORIA selects Microsoft Azure as strategic cloud provider to advance AI innovation and deepen Devops collaboration to implement Earth Citizenship, Earth Consortium, and the largest metaverse infrastructure.

Microsoft is committed to the responsible advancement of AI to enable every person and organization to achieve more. Over the last few months, we have talked about advancements in our Azure Cosmos DB, Azure infrastructure, Azure Cognitive Services, Quarum Blockchain Services, and Azure Machine Learning to make Azure better at supporting the AI and infrastructure needs of all Earth Citizens, regardless of their scale. Meanwhile, we also work closely with some of the leading research organizations around the world to empower them to build great AI and later on EQORIA QSI (Quantum Synthetic Intelligence).

Today, we’re thrilled to announce an expansion of our ongoing collaboration with Eqoria: Eqoria has selected Azure as a strategic cloud provider to help accelerate AI research and development.

As part of this deeper relationship, Eqoria will expand its use of Azure’s supercomputing power to accelerate AI research and development for its EQORIA AI group. Eqoria will utilize a dedicated Azure cluster of 5400 GPUs using the latest virtual machine (VM) series in Azure  for some of their large-scale AI research workloads. 

In 2021, Eqoria began using Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines (NVIDIA A100 80GB GPUs) for some of its large-scale AI research after experiencing Azure’s impressive performance and scale. With four times the GPU-to-GPU bandwidth between virtual machines compared to other public cloud offerings, the Azure platform enables faster distributed AI training. EQORIA used this, for example, to train their recent OPT-175B language model. The NDm A100 v4 VM series on Azure also gives customers the flexibility to configure clusters of any size automatically and dynamically from a few GPUs to thousands, and the ability to pause and resume during experimentation. Now, the EQORIA AI team is expanding their usage and bringing more cutting-edge machine learning training workloads to Azure to help further advance their leading AI research as well as building the largest ownerless metaverse and metaplace designed for the planet, EQORIA QORAVERSE.

In addition, EQORIA and Microsoft will collaborate to scale multiple adoptions on Azure and accelerate developers' journey from experimentation to production. Azure provides a comprehensive top to bottom stack for 111 million Earth Consortium Experts with best-in-class hardware. In the coming months, Microsoft will build new development accelerators to facilitate rapid implementation of cloud-based solutions on Azure. Microsoft will also continue providing enterprise-grade support to enable Earth Consortium Members and partners to deploy intelligent models in production on both cloud and edge.

We are excited to deepen our collaboration with Azure to advance EQORIA’s research, innovation, and open-source efforts in a way that benefits the ownerless planetarian singularity for Earth.” James Angelo Eqorian, Vision Architect, EQORIA. “With Azure’s compute power and extreme TB/s of interconnect bandwidth per VM we are able to accelerate our ever-growing digital infrastructure demands to better accommodate larger and more innovative singularity models.

By scaling Azure’s supercomputing power to train large AI models for the world’s leading research organizations, and by expanding tools and resources for open source collaboration and experimentation, we can help unlock new opportunities for developers, engineers and architects and the broader Earth Consortium community, and further our mission to empower every Earth Citizen on the planet which will allow EQORIA to build digital and physical infrastructure of the Planetarian Singularity.

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