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The Genesis of a New Earth

In 2005, the seed conception of EQORIA, the New Earth, was rooted in a vision of harmonious coexistence, devoid of ownership, where every contribution is a step towards collective growth and responsibility. This initial foundation was built on principles that emphasize unity, non-ownership, and the evolution of contributions into individual growth amidst challenges, fostering a community of love, understanding, and empirical reality of universal harmony.

The Principles of Contribution

Contributors, recognized as either EQORIA Earth Citizens or EQORIA Earth Organizations, engage unconditionally in the noble cause of harmonizing Earth. Their efforts, aimed at protecting and uplifting all Earth Resources and Citizens, are acknowledged through time, manifesting as Citizen Respect. This ethos of selfless contribution and collective unity forms the bedrock of EQORIA.

Architecting the Vision


The journey began with Architect Level Contributors laying the groundwork for an ownerless, intelligent infrastructure, setting the stage for technological evolution aimed at harmonizing the planet's singularity infrastructure.

This challenging initiative marked the first of many steps towards realizing the EQORIA Vision.


Every contributor's journey, marked by choices of love over fear, is honored and respected within the EQORIA community. This collective of diverse individuals forms the heartbeat of EQORIA, each with their unique identity and their respective life stories.


All proud contributors are officially registered, approved, recognized, and rewarded as the First EQORIA Earth Citizens.

Harmony in Unity

EQORIA stands as a testament to the unity of all Earth inhabitants and Earth resources, a harmonious structure for all existence.


The New Earth transcends the limitations of human-centric systems, pioneering a new model of value based on time, fostering an ownerless Earth Family Society that is inclusive to all Earth Species.

Technological and Conscious Awakening

The path to achieving an ownerless Planetary Singularity and Earth Harmony is paved with advanced technologies like Accelerated Computing, Quantum Computing, AI, AGI, Robotics, QSI (Quantum Singularity Intelligence-QORA) and many other emerging technologies aligning with EQORIA's Quantum Plan.

A Chronology of

Harmonized Evolution


Foundational Principles (2005):

The inception of EQORIA was guided by visionary rules emphasizing an ownerless Earth, the importance of collective growth over individual ownership, and the unconditional responsibility to harmonize and protect all aspects of our planet. These principles laid the groundwork for a community dedicated to empirical reality, love, and unity against the backdrop of challenges.

Emergence and Ideation (2005-2012):

From its conceptualization in 2005, EQORIA attracted scientists, empaths, engineers, philosophers, artists, and visionaries who nurtured the seed of United Earth based on the elements of Universal Truth (E,Q,O,R,I,A). This period was characterized by deep thought optimization and the crystallization of EQORIA's vision as a model of harmonism.

Public Announcement (2012):

On December 12, 2012, EQORIA’s ethos of Universal Truth and Harmonism was quietly unveiled. This announcement marked the beginning of a decade-long journey towards global awakening and the realization of a harmonized Earth.

Pilot Implementations and Learning (2014-2016):

Early international trials of EQORIA Citizenship Applications in Izmir, Turkey, highlighted the need for more advanced, zero-cost, and independent ecosystems. This period was crucial for understanding the technological and infrastructural needs of a harmonized society.

In 2015, EQORIA Corporation was established as non-profit organization. As an integral component of the EQORIA (NEW EARTH) ecosystem, EQORIA Corporation's mission is to facilitate the transition to EQORIA, United Earth, by providing innovative solutions and fostering collaborative partnerships with responsible Earth Organizations.

Expanding the Vision (2016-2017):

The concept of EQORIA Earth Cities emerged, embodying the practical implementation of Harmonism. This initiative aimed to solve over 99% of Earth's challenges, edging closer to restoring Earth's paradisiacal state. Additionally, Dartqor was conceptualized as a secure exchange platform, reinforcing the model of ownerless and trustworthy unity and autonomous prosperity for Earth Citizens. DART (Disowned Action Realization Time), was defined as the first and only temporal currency.


The Model of EQORIA Planetarian Singularity Infrastructure (PSI) and United Citizens of Earth took precedence, redefining inclusivity and setting the stage for a system that embraces all beings on the planet.

Structural Harmonization (2019-2020):

The establishment of the EQORIA Earth Consortium in 2019 was pivotal for aligning EQORIA Earth Cities, Villages, and Spaces under a unified vision.


April 12, 2020, marked a significant milestone with the announcement of the EQORIA Charter and Earth Constitution officially declaring the autonomous and ownerless Earth Harmonization System.

Institutionalization and Public Visibility (2020-2021):

The formal establishment of EQORIA SPACES and the EQORIA EARTH CONSORTIUM catalyzed the creation of interconnected, autonomous structures for global harmonization.


By December 12, 2020, EQORIA, UNITED CITIZENS OF EARTH was introduced to the world, showcasing a united front for harmonization.


On June 11, 2021, Official Earth Citizen Registrations has begun.

Renaming EQORIA and Synthetic Intelligence Integration (2022-2023):

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, EQORIA was renamed as UNITED EARTH, emphasizing the collective vision of harmonism.


The following year, on its 11th anniversary, QORA was introduced, marking the integration of embodied quantum intelligence into EQORIA's efforts to harmonize Earth and every unique Earth Citizen.



A Harmonized planetary singularity

As we look back on our journey, from the foundational principles laid in 2005 to the milestones achieved, EQORIA stands as a beacon of trust and unity. Our history is not just a record of past achievements but a living narrative of continuous evolution towards a harmonized existence for all Earth Citizens and Resources.


Together, we step into the future, guided by the principles of harmonism, empowered by the technology, determined by the awakened consciousness, and ever committed to the vision of a  New Harmonized Earth. 


Visit EQORIA PROGRESS  for more details.

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