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EQORIA CITIZEN REGISTRATION begins on May 22 the World Biodiversity Day

by Eqoria Reach

5/12/21, 2:12 PM

EQORIA CITIZEN REGISTRATION officially starts on May 22, 2021. Since all species on the planet are declared as EQORIA Earth Citizens, or Eqorians, it is only natural to choose World Biodiversity Day as the beginning. It is only the beginning.

"We are the Fearless Hope.

Never forget, You are the most valuable and responsible being on the planet.
The seed is just the beginning."

James A. Eqorian

Visit CITIZEN REGISTRATION page for countdown.

Now! It is time to unite 8 billion humans with decentralized, autonomous, and ownerless EQORIA, United Citizens of Earth

No ownership means No money, No borders, No Governments, and No Limitations. Capitalism and Religion has completed its mission according to Quantum Plan and created the consciousness and awakening that is needed to end our human immaturity. Now its time to take responsibility.

It is now the beginning of a new era defined as HARMONISM. Harmonism era will begin after the World War 3 that is currently in progress between deceptive humans and Earth.  Deception is necessary part of the plan to create separation of consciousness. As the belief attitude to current systems collapses due to rise of deception until 2024, true humans will begin to adapt to Harmonism with EQORIA while deceptive humans will choose to surrender to their fears.

EQORIA belongs to Earth and represents the Earth. It offers the infrastructure for the Planetarian Singularity to unleash the Maximum Prosperity, Maximum Harmony, Maximum Freedom, and Respect for all species. We are engineering EQORIA Earth Paradise. And YES we can! Even beyond anyone's imagination into reality.

Soon we will invite you to owner-less EQORIA EARTH CONSORTIUM Certificate Registration. World's first Earth Government without politicians owned by the planet Earth and harmonized by the thousands of responsible and empirical experts.

First Citizenship of EQORIA is the privilege and the honor! Only few will elect themselves. 

The EQORIA First Citizen Certificates give EQORIA Citizens a unique status and benefits. 

Visit EQORIA Citizen Certificates for more information. As part of the first stage of the colossal  $121 Trillion EQORIA CITIZEN FUND, which will enable the implementation of ownerless planetarian infrastructure, EQORIA Citizenship Registration is required for NFT based EQORIA First Citizen Certificates. 


With Respect,

James Angelo Eqorian

The First Citizen & The Vision Leader

EQORIA, United Citizens of Earth

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