The report hereby lightens up a universal concern that every reader needs to understand. The present planetary lives and the values are governed by capitalism with globalization which is eventually creating conflicts and debates on creating economical disturbances that are faltering equity and harmonism.  A famous quote says “Necessity is the mother of Invention”. In order to create a sustainable Earth for its citizens, by its citizens, and for its citizens; the vision, mission, and the perspectives of EQORIA, United Citizens of Earth are penned down. EQORIA is a personification of ultimate prosperity, respect, freedom, and harmony which concentrates on the ideologies on planting the seeds of harmonism to preserve our own planet Earth in its best manner, and to change capitalism and religion to one agreement that is popularly known as ‘Eqorian Planetarian Singularity’. Ethical education is required for all the EQORIA Citizens who can extend effective contributions from the principles manifested by planetarian ethics. Therefore, planetary ethics symbolized the idea of a new structure, vision, consciousness, resources, technologies, and all new life on the planet mother Earth.

“Love the Environment to Live, Protect the Environment to survive”

It points to the concept and perspectives around the theme of Planetary Ethics as relevant for our historical moment.
The current planetary life pattern and the present values that govern many societies become responsible for both great tragedies and worldwide crisis. From this understanding, living conditions in the future are threatened due to the absolute capitalist interests and of certain human decisions in the face of technologies and scientific progress. For this reason, main conflicts and ambiguities promoted by globalization are considered responsible for causing and sustaining social and economical inequality, also weakening the State and contributing to individualism, consumerism, and ecological unbalance.

These findings emphasize that planetary ethics should permeate both ethics and education. Today, human beings should be responsible for the conditions of life in the future and overcoming the risks that threaten life. Therefore planetary ethics agrees with a sustainable planetary habitat, i.e., based on principles that result in actions directed to the welfare and personal, social, environmental, and worldwide development. It is the ethics of solidarity, complementarity, and appreciation of the Earth. Education can offer effective contributions from the referential and principles highlighted by planetary ethics. It can provide instruction and formation that meets citizenship, democracy, and human emancipation as well as encouraging actions and habits related to respect, justice, dignity, and hospitality towards the other and the environment. For this, planetary ethics suggests the notion of a new cosmology, planetary consciousness, and citizenship, human development, and education for quality of life.


EQORIA SINGULARITY IMPACT (ESI) is an Earth observatory, diagnosis, and decision system that empowers citizens to create change for the planet by utilizing their wealth and consciousness. The organizations that are responsible for creating and providing the border-less, ownerless, autonomous, and empirical Planetarian Singularity Infrastructure for all Earth Citizens. EQORIA Singularity is a part of EQORIA EARTH CONSORTIUM based on the principle that what we build or create on Earth belongs to Earth.

ESI, provides a detailed analysis of the positive and negative impacts created by humans and non-human sources.


Earth Decision System, integrated with EQORIA Earth Academy, EQORIA Singularity Impact Application, DARTQOR Wealth Decision System, and 8 billion EQORIA, United Citizens of Earth powered by technologies such as GEOSPATIAL, Remote Sensing, EQORIA Citizen Data, and EQORIA Resource Distribution System and Holographic Computing, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, 3D technologies, Drone technologies, etc.