DEC. 12, 2020

EQORIA, United Citizens of Earth opens to the world on this special day. Happy Birthday,

EQORIA, United Citizens of Earth was established December 12, 2012. EQORIA opens to the world on this special day, December 12, 2020. It is the 8 year anniversary. Happy Birthday,
2021 will be a year of growth. We are looking forward to progress as the world is changing into a new level of consciousness.

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EQORIA. All rights reserved.

EQORIA, United Citizens of Earth, is the first ownerless, borderless, limitless and autonomous planetarian singularity. 

EQORIA, will exist as the supreme consciousness as well as the supreme infrastructure of the planet that represents the end of times of human immaturity.

EQORIA, will expand as the new beginning for humans becoming the true responsible supreme beings who are being awakened with the Universal Truth.

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