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No one owns EQORIA and No one owns the Earth. The optimized and autonomous structure of the cities does not allow any human ownership. TIME is the only value of harmony that any being can own. The infrastructure of EQORIA singularity is 100% shared, which is part of the universal principles of EQORIA Harmonism.
A respectful personal Rspace (e.g., a personal museum, private Rspace) is provided for the safekeeping of personal values.  Limited ownership of more things can occur by extension phases of EQORIA cities.


When no one owns resources, other than small personal belongings, then there is no need to exchange valuables. Therefore there is no need for money, stock market, real estate, patents, licenses, taxation, monetary regulation, stealing, gambling, cheating, etc.


An abundance of activities is offered to each citizen. An abundance of resources is available to individuals. This abundance, and its sustainability, is achieved through advanced technology and optimization of resource creation, distribution, and consumption/usage as well as through greater harmony with the planet.


In EQORIA cities, every existence is shared with activities that are organized and distributed with Harmony Intelligence System. 

Global Peace. Since all citizens share prosperity and zero ownership on a global scale, there is no need to hate, fight, take control, discriminate, have a conflict, or be selfish.


Since all citizens share prosperity and zero ownership on a global scale, there is no need to hate, fight, take control, discriminate, have a conflict, or be selfish. There are no brands because there is no ownership.


Each EQORIA city is independently sustainable. It is also connected to other Eqoria cities through advanced transportation systems. 


In its initial resting potential stage, Eqoria exists in the minds of people, with blockchain used as the foundation for connectivity and collaboration; at this stage, it is borderless. As Eqoria develops into the action potential stage, each Eqoria city is sovereign. It is a guest of a nation having borders; however, Eqorian citizens may freely cross the national borders to other Eqorian cities through its transportation network. Further, Eqorians do not have national identities; they are simply United Citizens of Earth.


Individual choices over daily activities are enhanced. For example, people are free to choose their daily activities from a list of thousands of healthy activities that are created and presented by HI (Harmony Intelligence). No one has any right to limit other citizens’ freedom. 


Each city derives its autonomy from ideally self-governing residents and governing consortiums. Decisions impacting society are made by consortium members. This decision making is enhanced by input from Harmony Intelligence (HI) and may be validated by Eqoria citizens via voting. Results of personal decision making may be moderated by personal application of technology, such as by smart clothing restraining an individual from harming others, which also reduces the need for laws, law enforcement, and judicial systems.


Technology is the tool for every living being to become more conscious and gives humans the ability to create a much more superior and harmonious existence. But it can be very dangerous in the hands of humans who are not conscious enough to be responsible.  The misuse and misapplication of technology are significantly reduced in an ownerless society because the applications of technology for purposes of greed and individual powers obtained by ownership are obsolete. As a result, each citizen enjoys a lifestyle of abundance with shared resources of technology that creates maximum prosperity.


A good society creates good art. The arts are used to uplift, inspire, and bring happiness to society. Artworks can be a means for artists to demonstrate their respect for the focus of their artwork. There is no financial reward for creating true artwork, just as there is no financial reward for inventions in an ownerless society. Technology can be used to help create, enhance, and share artworks. Art can be used to add uniqueness and beauty to the results of technology. It can also make complex technologies appear more simple. All of this helps make a technologically advanced lifestyle more liveable.


As every existence is ownerless in Harmonism, so is the consciousness. Every creation related to consciousness such as knowledge, information, ideas, visions, owned ideas (patents), and methodologies will also become ownerless. Humans are destined to become one collective conscious energy in order to become the only responsible species on Earth. This collective harmonious prosperity of collective earth consciousness is called QORA.

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EQORIA, United Citizens of Earth, is the first ownerless, borderless, limitless and autonomous planetarian singularity. 

EQORIA, will exist as the supreme consciousness as well as the supreme infrastructure of the planet that represents the end of times of human immaturity.

EQORIA, will expand as the new beginning for humans becoming the true responsible supreme beings who are being awakened with the Universal Truth.

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