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EQORIA announces 600 billion USD Ownerless Earth Citizen NFT Financing to Harmonize Earth

by Eqoria Reach

9/27/21, 9:00 AM

EQORIA is the biggest and the most trustable project in the world that unites 8 billion humans and all earth species as EQORIA citizens or EQORIANS. EQORIA is the ownerless Planetarian Singularity that belongs to Earth.
We are uniting to become one planetary singularity to build the ownerless planetarian infrastructure that includes all structures, technologies, resources, empirical knowledge, the art of life, and visions with the aim to create a harmonious and intelligent planet.


Well, there is always a beginning. A fascinating universal seed of harmony that grows with exponential respect. Just like any growing being, EQORIA CITIZEN FUND grows with the citizens, and citizens will grow with respect to our planet and trust in our ownerless and responsible integrity.

EQORIA Citizen Fund (ECF) is the decentralized financing model to create blood circulation that will disrupt dying Capitalism by utilizing ownerless and intelligent systems based on EQORIA universal principles while enabling 8 billion Earth Citizens to realize their own power and responsibility in order to contribute to the harmony of our planet in the shortest amount of time.

ECF is designated to implement the ownerless and decentralized EQORIA Planetarian Singularity Infrastructure of EQORIA Harmonism.

EQORIA Citizen Fund is created as the ultimate solution for building trust in this challenging and deceptive world.  Trust can only be built by harmonizing the collective power created by the active participation of 8 billion citizens with one common vision.

Trust is also empowered by transparent, ownerless, and autonomous EQORIA EARTH CONSORTIUM that will be in charge of responsible decisions and EQORIA Spaces that will be in charge of implementing the infrastructure.

>> Read more about this announcement in detail..

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